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What can I find in the report?

Nairavin provides a fully comprehensive vehicle check that arms you with vital information about the car you want to buy
to protect you from buying scams and fraud. Below is the highlight of the report.


How to Check Vehicle History

You can check the status of the vehicle you want on Nairavin in these easy steps.

1: Enter VIN / Chassis Number

Ensure you input the correct VIN/CHASSIS Number. We recommend you personally collect this number from the vehicle to avoid alterations.

2: Enter Email & Phone Number

A sign-up is not required for a search to be made, we only require your contact details to send a backup copy of your search results, and reach you if we have to.

3: Make Payment

This is for one VIN  4000 naira, For two VINS 6000 naira and for 5 VINS 15000 naira to see Vehicle History Report.
Our payment is powered by Paystack, and there are various super-safe payment options available

4: View Result

The result of your search is now ready to be viewed, with a backup copy sent to the provided or registered email address.

5: View History

You can view the VIN reports which you have buyed in the past.

If you are planning to Buy Used Cars in Lagos or Nigeria, it is always a good idea to Verify Used Car Before Purchase in Nigeria. Most of the used cars have negative history. Most of the vehicles have been flooded, stolen or in accidents.  If it is about buying used vehicles in Nigeria, you should always play safe.

If you are wondering how to verify Used Car Ownership in Nigeria, then this platform can be the right option to choose. You can get instant vehicle history reports here. You just need to enter VIN number in the search box here to get all information about the vehicle. This report highlights technical details, vehicle history reports, inspection registry and check in stolen vehicle database. It prevents you from buying any stolen or damaged car or being the part of any scam. You can get a free report here, so go for it.

Official Source

NairaVin is an affiliate reseller of ClearVin VIN history reports. ClearVin is an official data provider of the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS), a program of the U.S. Department of Justice, that protects used car consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. There is no more accurate and complete source for VIN history data in the U.S.