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Frequently Asked Questions

A VIN is a Vehicle Identification number used to generate the history of any car and it is commonly called Chassis Number in Nigeria.

Yes. You can preview your car history for free, and when you want to get a full report, you will need to register, make payment online or offline then you will get your report instantly.

 It’s simple, register for free and follow all the instruction then you are good to become our member.

Immediately when you pay online! However, if you pay via our bank account, you will need to call us so you can get credited instantly. Your successfully ordered reports are listed in your account and will be there for three months.

No refund will be granted as far as you have entered your chassis number and report is generated.

Fill our form online or come to our office to get our form, and our customer service representative will guide you.

4,000 (Four Thousand Naira Only). Luckily for you, we are on promo which will last till April 30th, 2021.

  • We are different when it comes to making public offers; as we are the only company offering buy 1 VIN and get 500 recharge cards for free on any network instantly. We also offer the buy 2 VINS and get 1 VIN for free with a 1000 recharge card on any network immediately.

Yes, we can give you discounts depending on the quantities you buy.

  • Payments are made online with your card or through bank transfer.
  • You have to login before you can pay online.
  • You can also make payment directly to the account by calling us to provide the company account details.
  • You can fund your wallet to enable you to obtain multiple reports.

We can help you bring a great car from the USA to Nigeria and deliver within 40 days. But you will have to sign our agreement form.